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foresight basketball news
Source: By this site Upload Date:2011-11-10



After 16 consecutive matches lasting for 3 weeks, the final whistle of the 2nd Foresight Cup Basketball Games 2011 rang at noon of November 4. As reckoned by most, BMW-Brilliance defended the Championship, while the host and organizer of the event, Shenyang Foresight, ascended to the runner-up place from last year¡¯s third.

Compared with the surprisingly successful 1st Foresight Cup last year, this year¡¯s event is even more grand and popular, and almost became a festival in a region where the manufacturing atmosphere dominates, yet the cultural and entertaining life lacks.

¡°Last year was a trial and we had 8 companies set up teams and come to play. They were all our clients, or tenants, precisely, which means they rent our workshop properties for their production inside the industrial park we built. It was so welcomed. People loved it because they came to work every day in a remote area rich in factories and machines, but short of games and fun. This encourages us very much to do it again, so this year we invited almost all the companies in the neighborhood and finally 14 of them joined us.¡± Mr. Buke Wang, the senior manager in charge of sales and leasing business of Foresight (Shenyang) Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., told Dynamic Shenyang.

These 14 companies may vary in size and nationalities, but 10 of them are from one industry, the automobile and components industry. Foresight developed Shenyang Foresight Industrial Park in a region very close to Shenyang¡¯s three car makers, and all tenants in the park belong to auto industry, including BMW-Brilliance, Yanfeng Johnson Controls, Yanfeng Plastic Omniom, Asahi Glass, etc, along with nearby companies like W¨¹rth, Boysen, and Rieter. It is common that two rivalries in the game are also the partners operating beside each other in the same supply chain for a same car model, and even the players on court may know each other. ¡°It is like a big family party, you know. These guys are producing cars and components every day on factory floor, and now they got to chase the ball on game floor. This makes the event more interesting and friendly. That¡¯s why our slogan is ENJOY LIFE ON FLOOR, NO MATTER FOR A CAR OR A BALL¡±. Said Mr. Buke Wang.

Meanwhile, the event is international. These teams are from companies with Chinese, German, French, Japanese, Swiss, American background. Particularly, Foresight, BMW-Brilliance, and W¨¹rth are members of Shenyang Chapter, EU Chamber of Commerce in China (EUCCC). Among the audience and cheering teams, there are a good number of foreigners. It¡¯s hard to imagine you can meet so many foreigners in an industrial world far away from the downtown. Shenyang is indeed on a fast track to be integrated with the world in recent years.

At the same time, a problem occurred. Games of this year and last year all took place in one of the standard workshops in the park. However, from the middle of this November, the last vacant workshop, in which this year¡¯s games were held, will be rent by a new tenant, a car part company from Shanghai. Afterwards the leasing rate of Foresight project will reach 100%, meaning there will be no place for a 3rd Foresight Cup next year. Don¡¯t worry. Foresight will do it somewhere else.

¡°Certainly we have no place any more for the event, but we¡¯ll definitely keep on doing it in the following years and I believe the Foresight Cup will be more popular in a wider and higher stage¡±, Mr. Buke Wang said confidently, ¡°We plan to rent a stadium in the nearby Transportation Technical University next year. Maybe sometime in the future we¡¯ll work together with the Shenyang Chapter of EUCCC and organize a bigger one by inviting all foreign invested companies in Shenyang. Not only basketball, but football as well. You know, Europeans fancy football¡±.

Football? Indeed, and Shenyang people love football too. Shall we make a slogan for it right now? ENJOY LIFE ON GRASS, NO MATTER FOR BUSINESS OR A GOOD HEALTH!

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