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Betting Football For Coffee at Foresight Caf¨¦
Source: By this site Upload Date:2011-09-19

Since the opening, Foresight Caf¨¦ has become a very popular place for staff of industrial companies in the neighborhood to relax and entertain. In order to have more fan, we are releasing a promotion event called ˇ®Betting Football for Coffeeˇ±. It happens every week! The rules are (very simple):


1.         Five games a week for betting. Games are chosen either from Bundesliga, or UEFA Champions League.

2.         Please tick at your prediction. Only one prediction can be made for one game.

3.         One coffee voucher will be awarded for every right prediction.

4.         Betting tickets will be ready on tables at Foresight Caf¨¦ from Monday. Please click it on white board at Caf¨¦ center. If you change your mind, just fill in another ticket and replace the old one on white board.

5.         Claim your vouchers by showing your ticket to the waitress within next week, otherwise the tickets will expire.


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